Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Hours In the Life of A Homeschool Mom.

All I really wanted to do was clean my kitchen. 
So I started running water in the sink.. 
But then I thought I should check on Bubbie before I start

On my way to check on Bubbie, Lee needed help with his math.
I checked on Bubbie..
Then Elizabeth needed help with her Science. 

I picked up a couple things on the floor that needed to be put away, then headed back to my kitchen. Only to realize that I needed to check on Bubbie again.
But first, a quick stop to help Lee again.
Finally, I am back in the kitchen. I realize that my fridge is a mess, so I pull out some things and start cleaning. Somehow... I manage to knock down a shelf and busted a jar of sweet peppers, all over my kitchen floor. 

I start cleaning it up, but Fayth needs help with math. After answering her questions, I head back to my VERY messy kitchen floor.. I am almost done wiping, Fayth has another question, Bubbie comes into the kitchen sporting "pretty" blue fingernails. So I stop to redirect him..

I finally have the floor mopped. But now the floor is wet, the fridge is half done, lunch is not started and the counters are a mess. 

I take a moment to sit down and plan lunch and dinner.
David brings me his school books, he needs to redo some work. so I send him back to his room to redo it.
Bubbie comes to cuddle with me, I check his breathing and kiss his boo boos.
David brings me the book he just corrected, he has several questions.
Bubbie wants me to read a book.
But first I must give him a breathing treatment and turn on the a/c. (that he has turned off for the 100th time!)
I finally read Ruben's Wants A Treat to Bubbie, who now wants crackers and milk.

David needs more help with his school work.
My phone rings... I ignore it, so that I can complete a list of things I NEED to accomplish today. 

After completing my list, making sure everyone is set with school work and Bubbie is happy. I decided to return the phone call to my friend, while I do a quick clean up of the bathroom. I chat  while wiping down toilets and sinks, and redirecting Bubbie and David, until my phone battery dies..

I help Bubbie ask Fayth to help him get his animals and barn set up for play time.
Elizabeth has a science question and David has now pushed me to my limit...
So I take a small facebook break and read the posts of all the moms who send their kids to school. :)
Now Lee needs help with one last math problem.

 It is also 11:30. I quickly clean the fridge and the counters while the kids finish up school. I decide that lunch is find your own. Dinner will be chili. I pull out roasts for tomorrow's dinner too.
 I count the minutes until 1:00 when I can lie down with Bubbie for a LONG nap! 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Horse Love..

Animal Love...

Misty and Jake are happy to be done with riding lessons. 

Fayth and Bubbie race up the hill.

This is one of my favorites... swinging on the gate.

My reliable one.. cleaning out the water tank, while Brownie waits patiently. 

Baby Ben

Miss Duck..

Benjamin Bunny

Mustard the white gandar and his lady. 

Dear patient Gretal.. she loves her boy.

He loves her..

Baby Ben loves his bottle.