Saturday, March 26, 2016

A little bit of life...

Life has been incredibly busy this spring! Lots of babies on the farm! Lots of fun and new exciting things happening! 
Our 4 momma goats had a total of 9 babies! We have had so incredibly much fun with these baby goats! 

This kid did so well this winter! He had one awful illness but no hospitalizations! 

Spring has sprung! Starting pumpkin seeds! 

Babies.. oh, so many babies.This is Freddy one of the triplets. 




Lee's momma bunny had.... 11 babies! 

This kiddoe loves goat milk and free range eggs. We are so excited to see him eating more! A friend has blessed us by making yogurt from our milk!

We did the usual homeschool testing for my 5th graders! They did well! 

My word for 2016 is "healthy".. 

The kids have joined me in the smoothie making! Everyone morning everyone gets one. 

Even the munchkin.. 

I have a whole pile more of baby goat pictures. The cuteness is never ending! Spring is def coming and going this year. Warm days, cold rainy days, warm days.. But I love it! 

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