Friday, July 17, 2015

Hospitals and Cabin Fever

We have had quite the rough couple weeks...

It all started one Sunday when we went to church. I gathered all my courage and took the kids to visit a new church. The people were wonderful and amazing. But we came home with a very sick kiddoe.

We did round the clock albuterol treatments for 2.5 weeks.  I did learn that it is now better to use the inhalor with a spacer. Which really makes life easier!!

I have not put him a church nursery in over a year. The first time I do, he gets very ill.

We  ended up in the ER and the Children's hospital. I have a whole separate post for that.

But after the hospitalization we were stuck in the house for 2 weeks. Because EVERYTHING triggered his asthma and neither one of us was sleeping much at night.

So the kids put on a show for Nesiah and I! I enjoyed it more then Nesiah did.

I sewed curtains for the girl's room redo.
 (which was put on hold indefinitely because we can not paint if it is humid or if Bubbie is in flare up)

We had some pretty crazy storms...

We lost internet for a week, until in desperation I flagged down the repairman as he was working down the road. Bless his heart, he came out and did a quick fix for me!

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