Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ice Skating Adventures..

So we tried ice skating... 
We have a friend who's mom has a pond in the backyard. It is perfect because I can sit inside and watch the kids outside.

We arrived at their house around 4, no one was home. So we didn't trust getting on the pond even tho we had permission.
After some discussion and a quick phone call, we asked friends of friends if we could skate on their creek. They had not checked it since the rain, so no it wasn't safe yet. 

The kids were just so disappointed..
So we stopped at a farm a couple miles from our house, random people that usually have tons of kids on their pond. I gathered my courage and asked the farmer for permission. They gave permission and their boys joined our kids on the ice!
I had 5 kids settled on the ice..Lee refused to wear his new skates. David didn't have skates and wanted Elizabeth's skates. Elizabeth happily skated in her borrowed skates. Meanwhile Fayth crawled around on the ice in her new skates and refused to get on her feet.
We had prepared warm clothes for everyone, but Miss Nesiah was not happy that she had to sit out in the cold (wrapped in warm blanket). Less then ten minutes after getting the big kids on the ice, Nesiah started wailing. She does not cry often. But when she does, we listen.

So I drug the wheelchair and the screaming toddler across the field back to the van. Where much to the delight of 2 boys in the parking lot, I tackled getting two wailing kiddoes into the van!!

The 4 big kids were able to enjoy another 15 minutes on the ice while I calmed the littles in the van and warmed them up!

Tomorrow we shall try again.. without Abi. 

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