Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Guest Post" by my kids. :)

Lee says:
On Saturday, Sept. 21 we went to Dutch Wonderland with Mr. and Mrs. S.  We got there early, so we had to wait awhile. When we finally we got in. The first ride we rode was the carousel. The second ride was the kite flight.

We went on a couple more rides. Then we for lunch we had pizza. We went on the train ride and the sky ride. Once we were tired and finished, we got ice cream. Then we wanted to go on one more ride, but Mr. S said it was time to go home.

When we got home, mom had a hot dinner waiting for us. Mr. and Mrs. S ate dinner with us.

My favorite part was going on the sky ride.

David says:

First we went on airplane ride, then we went on a merry go round. We went on a slide. Then we had pizza. We did bumper cars. Mom said that we Mr. and Mrs. S could come for dinner.

My favorite part was flying on the airplane.

Elizabeth says:
We ate pizza for lunch. We went on some rides. We went on this ride, where I drove. Fayth was in the passenger seat. Then we got some ice cream. We went on other rides and the roller coaster twice. Then we went on the bumper cars.
We went on a couple more rides than it was almost closed. The last ride was the train. After we went on the train ride we came home.

My favorite part was the bumper cars. The second favorite was when I drove the car.

Oh, I wanted to tell you about the dinosaurs.  There was this sand place, where you can wipe sand and there was going to be dinosaur bones. Then after we played there for awhile we walked through the pretend dinosaurs. Then we got to see the dinosaurs move, not all of them but lots of them. Then when we came out there was a big humongous egg with baby a dinosaur. Then there was two other eggs. Kids could come in and peek through the holes, parents could take pictures of them.

Fayth says:
First we went on the merry go round. We went on the airplane ride and the sky ride and the bumper cars. That's all  I want to say. Oh, I forgot about the slide. We went on the slide too. That's all.

My favorite ride was the sky ride.

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