Friday, December 19, 2014

The REAL Deal of Christmas...

So I have been working really hard to teach my kids the real meaning of Christmas. I saw this  making Christmas special post by John Piper.. Which really inspired me to outdo Santa and focus on the giving and receiving of gifts at Christmas! 

But alas real life intervened and this week found me dealing with several large unbloggable things. I found myself saying quite frequently "Let's just skip that. I am to tired today". 

Today was especially bad. I had two kiddoes with me at the Children's hospital for the majority of the day for some pretty major appointments. I came home, weary and extremely bogged down with details. 

The kids wanted to watch a Christmas movie or go look at Christmas lights, all I could think was "how many minutes until bedtime". 

Finally it was bedtime. The boys headed upstairs, Nesiah in her bed while the girls took Lady out for her nightly walk. 

They came back inside very quickly  with a big packaged addressed to our family! 

I allowed the boys to come back downstairs to help us open this package. Oh, the joys they found in this box full of goodies!

The most amazing thing, this box of goodies was sent to us by a cousin of my dads. Someone I only ever met once. Someone who lives far away from us.

We had just had a discussion with our advent celebration about the importance of listening to God's prompting in giving of gifts. We were discussing giving gifts to those we don't know. The kids were having a hard time with that one..
When this box arrived from someone who is a stranger to them, someone who listened to the prompting from God, on a day when their momma was to tired to do something extra special.. Sometimes the lesson is in the receiving not the giving... 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hanging Out With My Big Kids

I love hanging out with my big kids. They are growing into quite the fun bunch. They are old enough to have fun conversations and actually hang out with.
Last evening we decided to go out for pizza before attending Saturday night church. My foster momma friend babysat the little ones for us. So we were able to enjoy a nice quiet dinner. 

This is an older picture.. I forgot to grab my camera..
By the time I had the  melting down child, the anxious child and the total care child out the door in the cold rain, I was just happy to have everyone clean and dressed!

We dropped the kids off and took time to meet our friend's newest, little, foster kiddoe, before heading out for pizza... My kids love to eat so eating out is always a huge treat! Especially anything that is not fast food!

We enjoyed pizza at the little pizza shop then headed over to church.  We love the Saturday night option at this church.  It is one way that I can get out, get fed and get recharged.

I love conversations with my kids at times like this. Several of us have ADHD, so conversations can be hard to follow..

This was my favorite conversation..

D: we had fun in small groups at church, they divided the boys and girls.

L: yea we also played this fun game.

E: I liked the video we watched  on the importance of spending time in the Word.

F: When we open the bathroom door, the lady will run out and jump on us and crawl over us and scratch us, because she is so excited to see us.

Me: whaa.. whaaa... what? ( visions of ladies leaping out the bathroom door)

E: yes she will be so excited to see us.

L: I feel bad she had to stay in the bathroom while we went to church.

Apparently the conversation had switched from church to Lady the dog.

The funny thing is, no one is phased by our conversations. They are all entangled and twisted... they come up with  the most interesting conclusions to things. Sometimes I think it's my fault, because my brain works that way, other times I blame their ADHD.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Traditions

For many years, I wished to hibernate through Christmas. The holidays really bring out the heartache and loss. But as my kids get older, they get soo excited about Christmas traditions, my house is filled with joy and peace.

We don't get invited to Christmas parties, we don't do Christmas pageants or school plays. Therefore, we have lots of time for fun memory making moments. together. at home. The first years with my kids, I focused on making memories and keeping Christmas low key. That has really paid off and each year we add new fun activities.

Due to allergies we can not have a real tree. This was a hard tradition to give up. Plus I was having a hard time shelling out the money for a nice fake tree. But God totally blessed us!! We found a tree on an online yardsale. Brand new, BEAUTIFUL, prelit, 6.5 ft tree for $20!! Yes, TWENTY DOLLARS!! I am still in awe of this miracle. I had not planned to buy big tree this year and certain children of mine reacted very negatively to my decision. But when this very amazing deal came up, I decided to overlook their attitude and buy the tree. It took me a little while to have a good attitude about the whole situation. But now I am so thankful I purchased it!

We had planned to do Jesse Tree   but with getting the large tree and my printer not working to print out the ornaments I decided to skip that.

We are doing Focus on the Family's Advent instead. I bought the advent candles and we are reading the scriptures listed on the website. This is turning into a really neat experience. Plus we listened to Tony Evans for church this morning. Good, Good message! Can I just say, my children are loving all this?!?

We do some of the secular things like listening to Christmas music 24/7 for weeks before Christmas on the local Christmas station. They love the little Christmas medleys.

We are also doing a gift exchange this year. We had originally planned a weekend getaway/family vacation instead of gifts. But honestly with all the health challenges we have I was afraid we would end up ruining Christmas so I decided to do gifts. Every other year I bought one big gift for all the kids. One year it was a pregnant mini horse, one year a trampoline, one year a ping pong table, one year a huge lego set, and I was just out of options this year. So we decided to change things up. I had the kids do a secret santa exchange. They each get to make a list, then we exchange names and each kid buys their sibling a gift. We did all our shopping online and with some careful bargain shopping and lots of prayer I have found some INCREDIBLY unbelievable deals. So we had the fun of looking online, dreaming and wishing together. Then individually shopping with me. Next week the packages should start arriving. So then we have package delivery and the wrapping fun! Do you think the kids will actually be able to keep it a secret until Christmas?!

We currently have the tree up and each night the kids turn off all the other lights. It feels magical. the kids are learning to knit and do needlepoint. We sit in our cozy little house, by our tree with Christmas music in the background working on our projects....

It's not all perfect but it is such a wonderful way to connect and bond as a family. In the words of Karen Purvis, I am making deposits so that withdrawals will be less painful!